Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 3: Social Media

“Being ‘networked’ or having digital connections in today’s online world is increasingly important both personally and professionally. Many of us rely on social media to keep in touch with friends and family; to learn, to create and share; to promote our skills, products and services or to carry out key aspects of daily work.“
Video: Networked organisations

In this CORE EDtalks video, Karen Spencer talks about how networks enable us to collaborate, connect across teams, offer open pathways to learning, maximise virtual platforms and encourage self-selected networking and personal growth: Networked organisations.

I can not imagine trying to ‘go it alone’. I am so reliant on Social Media, that it is almost impossible to imagine a time without it. My daughter shared an image of a phone booth with me on facebook today, and it was tagged, mobile phone of our youth. I recalled a story of my car breaking down when I went on holiday with a friend in my recently purchased car at the tender age of sixteen. After taking it to be repaired I had to use a phone booth, make a collect call, and ask my Mum to put the money in my account for me to pay the bill. She had to drive to the nearest town to do this, and I had to go to the bank in the nearest town to withdraw it the next day. How unbelievably archaic does this all sound in our instant, mobile society.

So, a little off track maybe, but oh so relevant to the changing times, and the benefits on offer through social media.

How are you connected? How are you social online?

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