Sunday, October 2, 2016

Day 2: ‘What is ‘web 2.0’?

Today’s learning focuses on the use of Google Apps for Education, or Google Cloud is it now becoming known. I think back to 2008, when the amazing Dave Young supported me to get every learner with their own email to access our class wiki to allow for a fully blended learning experience. This was difficult and technically challenging. I am forever indebted to Dave for supporting me to accomplish this, and forever have the learner in the centre of anything I was doing. I often hear, where is the learner, what difference will this technology make, why are you doing this, and similar challenges in my mind as I explore new options with learners. As the web becomes increasingly collaborative, we are privileged to explore and offer future focused opportunities for all learners. For me, Simon Sinek’s golden circle, somewhat modified, is always at the centre of my thinking.

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