Saturday, April 27, 2019

Biking the Central Otago Rail Trail with Becky and Martin

For the longest time I have tagged Becky in posts about the Rail Trail and finally the day arrived, when Becky and Martin came to Naseby and we headed off on the trail. 

Colin Faulkner from 219 e-bike picked us up from Naseby and off we went in the glorious autumn sunshine. 

He dropped us at Oturehua and we explored the little town. I was fascinated to explore Gilchrist's store as I have never stopped there. What a treasure trove and what a blast from the past. 

Onto our bikes and away we went to our first coffee stop at Hayes Engineering, and a jolly good coffee it was too! 

Back on the bikes and off we went down the Ida Valley heading for Auripo. We past the Ida Burn dam, and stopped for multiple photos along the way. We loved the information in all the railway sheds. I especially liked learning the story of the beautiful apple trees all the way along the trail, grown from passengers cast offs, out the window as they travelled by rail all those years ago. Martin kindly picked us delicious heritage apples - YUM!

At Auripo we saw many families stopped for picnic lunches. We took the opportunity for photos on the hill beside the track. Becky, you sure do take great photos. 

Looking through the photos I am reminded yet again of the transformation that F45 has been. I thoroughly enjoyed the biking and felt fit and healthy biking even on the inclines. I have to say I was exceedingly grateful to be biking the downhill leg though. 

The weather was exceptional. I biked in a singlet top and truly got a little bit of autumn sun on my skin. The cloud formations were spectacular and we felt truly grateful for the sites, sounds and weather. 

The Otago Central Interplanetary Cycle Trail was another true photo opportunity bonus. We sure did have fun with the shadow on this one eh Becky. Not quite on target but a lot of fun nevertheless. 

From Auripo we continued on down the Poolburn gorge, through the two tunnels, continuing into the Ida Valley and over the Poolburn viaduct. 

I can't say that I enjoyed cycling over the viaducts, but they are pretty stunning. 

I remembered a head torch this time so the tunnels were no challenge at all. 

All too soon we were at Lauder and it was time for a delicious toasted sandwich for lunch. A few photos in the town and we were off on the final leg for the day. 

A short sharp ride down the slope and we arrived at Omakau, our destination for the night. 


 We were very pleasantly surprised with our accomodation for the night at Omakau Hotel

A delicious soak in the bath in the setting sun was an added bonus. And so ends the chapter of day one of biking. More to come, including the night tour of Ophir and dinner at Pitches store. Check back tomorrow for the next instalment.... 

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