Friday, April 26, 2019

F45 - C22 here I come...

So, Monday the 29th of April sees the beginning of F45 eight week challenge known as C22. I have now completed C20 and C21 and I was considering giving this one a miss, but NO. So I thought it was time to commit my WHY. Actually my WHY is very clear. I want to be fit, healthy and active. I want to enjoy an active life with family and friends. I love transformation I have achieved and I want to continue this. 

Reasons for taking part in C22 include:

  • I am loving being fit and healthy and want to give it yet another nudge. 
  • I want to build more muscle and decrease my % body fat.
  • I want to maintain the decrease of heart rate.
  • I have noticed a significant decrease in muscle pain and tiredness and want to maintain this. 
  • I love the workouts and am keen to commit to 5+ sessions a week.
  • I want to continue to develop my running fitness, and find this will develop well alongside F45 workouts. 
  • I am keen to be part of the fun that is the 8wc. 
  • I actually love the food.
  • I am committing to this being my new way of life, my norm. 
  • I am noticing I have far better posture.
  • I know how much better I feel and I am definitely keen to maintain this. 
I was not around for the information evening so I am feeling a little out of it, and I will also miss the starting scans. But, I will catch up with Adain next week for the scan, and hopefully I will hear all about the info evening. 

Bring on C22...

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