Sunday, April 28, 2019

Biking the Central Otago Rail Trail - exploring Ophir

After a day on the bikes we settled in to Omakau hotel and awaited our pick up from the Pitches store courtesy coach. 

We were able to have an hour exploring Ophir before dinner. What a stunning little town.  

First photo is of the post and telegraph office which is still an operational post office. 

Next door is the Peace Memorial Hall. 

The jail was pretty cute too, as was our prisoner Becky!

Across the street was my favourite building of them all, 'The Old Drapery Shop'. I was intrigued  mainly because I would love to know what my Mum's store in Roslyn looked like. She had Ms Kean's Seamstress Shop. What I would give to find records of this or see photos of this. Anyway, back to this store, it is well worth a visit and take time peering in the windows.

The next photo is of Pitches Store, where we were to shortly return for dinner. 

I loved the door on the next building. It is great to see how original it is. 

Next photo is of the bank which is now accommodation. 

I had to reach up high to get a photo of this cutie over the fence. 

This stone creekway is intriguing. It reminds me of the efforts that are being made to restore the old stone pavements in Naseby. We really do owe so much to our early pioneers. 

I have visited this building many times. It is often open as a craft and second hand store. 

This building also used to be open as a second hand store, but now has been converted back to accomodation. 

These cute little cottages are delightful. 

I do have a fascination with doors and these two are quite special. 

As the sun set we headed back to Pitches Store for a stunning dinner. The lampshades are stunning as are many of the decorations and additions to the Store. The bottles and glass retrieved from the Pit are displayed in front of the counter. 

Although I found the presentation bizarre, my Salmon was delicious. 

A stunning dessert wine and lemon meringue pie rounded off a simply awesome dining experience. I can thoroughly recommend a meal at Pitches Store. 

It is not surprising at all that they proudly display a number of awards. 

Back in the courtesy coach across to Omakau for a much needed early night, and a great sleep indeed. 

A stunning day indeed thanks Becky and Martin. Looking forward to more again tomorrow. 

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