Monday, September 23, 2019

MHAW day one - Whenua

So, day one of MHAW - Mental Health Awareness Week. First day of this week is exploring whenua, connection to land and roots. WOW what a day for this. Here I am out in Rekohu / Wharekuri, and today is a day at Kaingaroa for the Annual Cross Country Run. I woke up to this view.
A drive up to Kaingaroa was a fabulous opportunity to really think about the land, the place, and what I value. I have always talked of my biophilia. I have an innate need to be outside, and spend time in nature, especially around trees and water. The drive today was a wonderful opportunity for me to savour the very special place I am in. It is about an hour's drive and alongside the stunning scenery, I saw an incredible array of livestock; sheep, lambs, cows, calves, swans, and a constant stream of weka racing across in front of me. 

I had an opportunity to spend time out in the paddocks under a stunning tree to take photos of runners in the Annual Chatham Island cross country run.  

After work today I had the opportunity for some beach time, bliss. And the night ends with stunning views across the water. A truly great day for mindful connection to the land and roots. 

I value time with special people in special places. I value fresh air, open spaces, rolling waves, trees and fields. 

I also have the opportunity to claim my first digital badge for the week, and link it to this post, evidencing my participation in MHAW. 

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