Friday, August 5, 2011

Auckland - revisit

11 July 2011 and I am back on the North Shore!  It is three months since I was at Takapuna and helped set up 12 blogs across the school that I have followed with great interest.  Today I am back and I am delighted to be able to help out, answer questions, trouble shoot and teach some new skills to teachers and students.  I was very fortunate to arrive back in time to visit the Castle in Room 1. 

It was lovely to read the blog post from this class on my visit too.   Room 1 blogpost.   For me, this experience truly reflects the intent of my Twitter Tour, to travel, to share, to learn, to collaborate and communicate.  I have an incredible support network and so many new friends!  Thank you to you all for making this such a magic experience.
I spent the afternoon in Ingrid's class where we worked to create an online reflection of their recent musical!   Slideshow
What a magic day!
And best of all, I am back on the North Shore with my dear friends Ingrid and Don!

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