Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday in Wellington

Early start off to the CBD to meet Paul Seiler for coffee!  Paul, Ian and I had great coffee at the Occidental and great conversations flowed.  Many exciting opportunities exist...
I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to join (crash) a Myportfolio taster session with Heath Sawyer (@heheboy).

I joined Myportfolio, what seems like, forever ago but have never realised any of its potential.  Thanks Heath for a fantastic session.  I am already collaborating with groups and see HUGE potential in this exciting learning journey!

Off to Seatoun for a wonderful meeting with Tim (@timoslimo).  What a magic place!  Great to meet face to face and share such exciting conversations.  I look forward to keeping in touch!

Yet another magic Twitter Tour day!

And to complete a perfect day, my swimmer scored another two bronze medals!!!

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