Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 5 in the Waikato

Up bright and early today... We are off to Kinohaku school around the Kawhia Harbour.

What an amazing drive.  We are going all the way to the west coast!  Of course we had time to stop for a geocache on the way, but alas, this one was not successful...  Stunning scenery though...
Kinohaku is nestled on the hill overlooking the sea - paradise.  We had an awesome day working with class blogs.  I was amazed at the log with a 'J' in it which is from a chrysalis of an Atlas Moth.  We shared the beautiful story Pepetuna, which I must buy for the school library.

Magic day with stunning new learning - just love the quiz feature on Photo Peach and love the notion of tagging each blog post with the name of the author so you can easily check contributions!!!!!

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