Friday, August 5, 2011

Summerland School

I tweet with @heymilly and we organised for me to visit on Tuesday 12 July.  I arrived with my two little cakes thinking - yep - that's be enough for the staff for morning tea!  Should have done my homework!  The school is enormous - over 600 students.  Coming from the deep south, this number is hard to comprehend.  I think our largest school in Dunedin has just over 400 students and my school of 150 seems positively tiny.
Well, the day started AMAZINGLY with a Twitter connection moment in the office, @heymilly, @sumich, @mumbleboy, @barbdysart and I.  Loads of laughter and a good old ribbing about the south and off I went to spend time with Amanda.  I am totally in awe of this school.  The groupings, the classes, the thinking, the learning, the furniture, the staff, the conversations...  I'll let the photos tell a bit of a story....

Amazing day.  I love the learning spaces and my mind is working overtime on ways to 'cheaply' achieve a wealth of learning spaces in my class next year!  Great to make so many new connections.  You really cannot overestimate the power of face to face connection.  
Thanks for such an awesome time!  


  1. Thanks Anne for a lovely post! It was SO nice to meet you face to face and have you roam around and really take an interest in what is happening, the whys, the hows etc. Looking forward to catching up again soon!

  2. Hi Amanda, thank you so much for your comment. I cannot believe if has taken me soooo long to update my blog! I got way behind with my study and have been away to Invercargill and Wellington. My aim is to get my blog uptodate this weekend. I hope you have an awesome time at #educampak! #educamp dunners is on the 27th August - would love for you to visit. Thanks again for a magic day - I am still raving about your school! I had an awesome session with James Nottingham and am very excited about the class I am going to set up next year. Keep in touch!