Thursday, November 21, 2013

Literacy Online Update - 23 October 2013

Kia ora tātou,
Week two of the busy fourth term is upon us already.
It was very exciting to see the interaction on the listserv last week in and around writing collaboratively.  A HUGE thank you to Tina Muller for asking the question that inspired this thread.  Collaborative writing is one of many opportunities that have the potential to be transformative.  Let’s continue sharing our successes and challenges.
As we are coping with the busyness of the term, I wonder where there is space for a specific literacy focus.  One place likely to be rich in literacy is learners’ reflections on their journey throughout the year.  It would be great to see discussion in the listserv around specific ways learners are empowered to reflect.  I know that I am now reflecting on goals I’ve set and progress made, and indeed reflecting on learning incidental too, or unrelated to goals.  Blogging is a great tool for sharing our goals and reflections. 
How are you empowering your learners to reflect?
How are you using blogging with your learners?
Check out this wonderful blogpost on student engagement “Why Do We Have to Write Today?” I copied it into Natural Reader and had it ‘read aloud’ at a workshop recently.  How could you use it with your learners?  I wonder what a class would come up with?  I would love to see ideas shared if you experiment with your learners.
Thanks so much Tessa for sharing your response and the link to the upcoming Forum: Celebrating the impact of e-Learning 2013: 1 Nov – 1 Dec
I think this blogpost is well worth checking out Small Byte #6 – Storybird.  How could you use Storybird with your learners? Or are you using it already?  Could you share your story hear to provoke, engage, inspire others.  I don’t know about you, but seeing that this post was #6 made me curious about #1 - #5…  A quick search and I uncovered great posts… I am sharing Small Byte #5 – Emaze this week also!
There is a wonderful new addition to the literacy shed!  Check out the alphabet shed!  How could you use this shed to support alphabet learning?
I am including links to a selection of video clips to support your literacy journey:
Sumithra Naidoo: Pedagogical Leadership in Literacy Sumithra Naidoo describes how she has grown in confidence in her role as a literacy leader. She says that this has been assisted by the external studies she has undertaken. She works closely with beginning teachers and those new to Finlayson Park School.
Emma Watts: Slipping literacy under the radar Emma Watts is a 2013 CORE Education eFellow. Emma believes passionately in the power of multimedia for engaging and extending student learning, especially in the area of literacy. 
Bridget Harrison, Kimi Ora Community School Improving student writing with digital stories
Have a great week.
Ngā mihi nui
Anne Kenneally
Literacy Online Facilitator
CORE Education

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