Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Writing on an iPad

Sometimes I am in awe of blog posts.  Today I read Redefining the Writing Process on iPads by Beth Holland on the edutopia blog.  So much about this post is pure GOLD!
My favourite quote in it is:
"Providing written feedback at the culmination of a writing project is like doing an autopsy -- it's deconstructing a dead document!" -- Samantha Morra (@sammorra)
As a learning writer, (many years ago now) my feedback from teachers was nothing more that a deconstruction of a dead document.  One of my lecturers for one of my Master of Educational Leadership papers also performed an autopsy on my assignment.  I remember the feelings of frustration that I had no conversation, interaction, or right to redress and learn from the deconstruction.
Throughout the year I have had the incredible privilege of working with writers who are collaborating, co-constructing, giving and receiving feedback and acting on it.  All of this can happening in a timely fashion, modelling, scaffolding, challenging and provoking learners to success.
The use of technology, mobile technology, in this way truly has the power to be transformative.  
Another absolute gem of a quote from this blog post is 
"With iPads, once we begin thinking beyond the confines of a page, anything is possible."
There is just so much potential for enabling writing success on a device that simply isn't available with pen and paper.  However, we must keep foremost in our mind, fundamentally robust teaching of the writing process.  
I am so grateful for reading this post... I hope you read it through too!

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