Friday, January 31, 2014


#HPPA  Today was an incredible opportunity for Mark, Tania and I to facilitate sessions at Baverstock School, for the seventeen schools in the #HPPA cluster.  

With over 200 teachers gathered together there was an incredibly empowering buzz of the excitement for the 2014 learning year. 
I had the pleasure and privilege to present one session three times on rotation around the creative power of e-learning. 
Speed geeking round one

Speed geeking outside - round two
Grounding my session in the robust transformative opportunities shared in Derek Wenmoth’s Ubiquity, Agency and Conectedness framework, I felt as if I was chanelling Derek.  Moving on with Derek’s concepts of Learn, Create, Share, I further channeled your wisdom Derek!

I love the opportunity to repeat sessions and found each and every session was unique.   What a pleasure to work with such an amazing cluster of teachers.  I think there is much I can learn from this cluster as I follow their journey.

As I reflect on the sessions on my flight to Christchurch I am profoundly moved by the impact of my sessions with Joan Dalton and David Anderson last week.  Throughout the sessions I found myself chanelling: “You might like to consider…” “I am offering you an opportunity to….” “I am gifting you seeds to plant and nurture”, “One approach might be…”, “How might you use this with your learners?”
Having my presentation online and shared as we journeyed enabled opportunities for ubiquity, agency and connectedness.
I am also aware that today I confidently shared a lot of my classroom practice, maybe even more than I shared throughout 2013.  I wonder why I am so comfortable sharing and reflecting now.  Is it because I am aware of the power of the story of the learner?  Is it because I am so attuned to the fact that I MUST stay current and focused and real about my learners, and our journey together?  Is it because I am finally realizing we have a story to tell?  Is it because I am a part of something much bigger than a lone teacher, in that I am a part of CORE and bring an incredible wealth of current practice to this journey?
Whatever it is, I LOVED sharing today with such an enthusiastic, engaged, friendly group and I wish them an incredible journey as they collaborate, network and grow in their cluster!

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