Thursday, January 29, 2015

DVM wananga 2015

Whangia ka tupu, ka puawai

Introduction from Dave - tandem jump analogy
Committing to moving out of what we both know - an alliance - a challenging situation
Incredible commitment to the growth and development of people and learning
  • My experience as the talker
  • My experience as the listener
  • The Consequences/outcomes of the conversations
Building the skill base...
Mentoring, mentees, teachers mentoring learners, learners mentoring each other...
How can we make this a reality for all learners?

'Being with' in a way that supports and catalyses is our way as a mentor!

In 'letting go' there is finding...
What do I want to be?
How do I want to be?
Mindfulness is about noticing what we are being...

Being able to do something without knowing what the consequences will be... but trusting that it is the right thing to do!

Backing myself!

Tools of mentorship - the inner qualities we have developed shape the way we use our tools. 

At times we are restoring before we re-create, or create... At times we just BE WITH another...

Aspects of mentorship:

  • Managing one's own vulnerability;
  • Letting go of the need for validation;
  • Knowing one's truth; 
  • Maintaining a light heart even when feeling sad;
  • Being a mentor to self
  • Being gracious with the differently informed;
  • Being still and present with another;
  • Speaking one's truth;
  • Not having full access to or knowledge of the consequences of one's work.
  • Understanding boundaries and mandates;
  • Letting go of the responsibility for outcomes.
Reflection is needed on each of these points - and I will blog on each separately in coming day....

Models of mentoring

Tandem jump - highly interactive, co-mentoring approach, mentor is very present,

Crucible - pipette, catalyst  mentee brings 'stuff, mentee holds the conversation and brings something to it and causes it to change.. adding a few drops and causing something to come to life!

Developmental alliance - each bring own skill, overlap enables influence of one to another - VERY strongly peer alliance - similar rank.

GE model - holding the tension between 'goals' and 'emergence'.

Bridge model - link between today and tomorrow - bridge between the two - now and tomorrow - building the bridge from both ends.

R2I model - moving from reality to inspiration  

ROPRAHA - Explore reality, look at options, preference, resources, action, help, accountability.  (not necessarily linear...)

MMC - Medicine man, chief - (working with a cluster)
WOW - what a powerful day with an incredible team of people....


  1. I really struggled with "Letting go of the responsibility for outcomes" but then Hazel had a conversation with me about how she might have a differing view to mine on that and I came around to accepting that we were on the same page and we agreed that I have a responsibility for meeting my mentee partway in terms of this. yaaaay!!

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for the visit and the comment! There was so much shared experience in the wananga over the last two days! I love how we all work together and share our experience! Great to see you at the airport tonight - hope you got to your flight on time! ;-)
      Anne K