Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My first flight for 2015

Well, mixed feelings today!  Here I am back in the air for my first flight for 2015, the first of many.  Although I have been back at work for three days, today signifies the beginning of my travel.  Although I love it, and can’t wait to spend time with our team, I am incredibly aware of the feeling of loss: loss of time at home; loss of waking up in my own bed; loss of the freedom that comes from being at home; loss of time to visit Mum each day.

I am very excited to spend the next three days with our team.  We have lost some team members who have returned to schools and have some new team members starting this year.  We also have a new way of being as we will be working mainly with clusters of schools this year. 

I have been reading blog posts this year that have a word as a focus for the year and I have a number of words floating around in my head for 2015.  Will it be the year of: Balance? Challenge? Growth? Exploration?  It really is hard to choose just one word and maybe I can have a few! 

I know for sure that one real challenge for me is always ‘balance’.  I am committed to making sure I have a better work, life balance this year.  Ringing loudly in my ears are Brendan Spillane’s words… If you love something, don’t ruin it by doing something else at the same time.  I particularly enjoyed the break from technology over the summer holiday.  I read more, talked and listened more with my family, spent more time outside, and exercised more.

I am loving the change to be more active.  Swimming has always been something I have loved and I am really enjoying being back in the pool on a semi regular basis.  I started by managing, just managing 30 lengths, and I have gradually increased this over the summer.  Yesterday I managed 52 lengths before cramp gripped my right foot, rendering swimming impossible.  With the local pool closing at the end of March for the winter I am determined to enjoy many more swims when I am at home.  My calendar is already quite full with trips for the first three months of the year.  I have packed my walking shoes and will make do with walks while I am away. 

What changes are you making for 2015?
What might your word for the year be?

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