Sunday, March 8, 2015

Module 2 - Becoming a connected educator #28daysofwriting Day 8

Woohoo - here I am arriving into Module 2! Better late than never....

"Coaches working with teachers and principals can support this need for emotional release. In my coaching work, I find that a solid chunk of time is always spent giving clients space to process emotions. Until they have had time to talk and sometimes cry, we can't get to the lesson planning, leadership team agenda, or data analysis. That's just the way it is. And yes, sometimes I feel like a therapist, and coaching is not therapy, but it's the reality of how things are in our schools and what educators need. My job as a coach is to meet people where they are and help them move forward. And the road forward is full of emotions, but there's no other way to go -- and a coach can develop skills to move someone down that road and not get stuck in it."

Healthy teams
Emotional Resilience
Systems change

How to use Role-Play in Teaching and Training
By Mohan Kumar

A very enjoyable read by Mark Wagner!
"Learning to network - networking to learn."

  • Connect
  • Contribute
  • Converse
  • Request
  • Blog
  • Tweet
  • Join Classroom 2.0
  • Use Google+
  • Be patient
  • Be authentic
As I am reading this my mind keeps tracking back to October 2014 when Connecter Educator Month took NZ by storm.  What a truly MAGICAL time that was!

Personal Learning Networks for Educators

  • Accessible
  • Two way
  • Aggregate Resources
  • People - colleagues
  • Active participation

Power Up! / Put the "Personal" in Your PLN  Doug Johnson

"I define a PLN as a self-created set of experts, colleagues, and resources—usually dependent on networked technology—that meet one's daily learning needs."

WOW - what a MAGICAL time that was!  Three hours spent catching up!  So many amazing connections and tweets have happened in amongst and around my online learning tonight! And a new word to add to the mix - learnaholic... Thanks to Becky Hare for adding that word to my repertoire.... 

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