Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pasifika Hui

Welcome back to my blog… I have been absent during an extremely busy time in my work and personal life.  I consciously made the decision to forego my commitment to blog daily during March as it was obviously becoming an extra stress in my day as opposed to a pleasure!

I am delighted to be back and I have so many blog posts tumbling in my head just waiting to get out into these keyboard keys…

Today I am flying to Auckland for the privilege of a two day Pasifika hui.  I am extremely excited about this opportunity and want to commit the following goals:

·      Immerse myself in the Pasifika experience
·      Connect and collaborate with Pasifika leaders and participants
·      Build on my Pasifika Language and pronunciation
·      Build on my Pasifika knowledge and protocols
·      Develop my knowledge around PEP
·      Celebrate Polyfest
·      Capture ideas to take into my schools immediately
·      Share my learning via Social media #corepasifika15
·      Blog my experiences

WOW – excited!!!!

Just read through my posts from last year - even more excited now....

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