Sunday, March 1, 2015

MAGIC in my own backyard.... #28daysofwrting in March

So here I am on the first of March.... The next chapter... writing for 28minutes for 28days... and maybe even more - right though til the 31st of March!

So today's post started with a tweet some days ago from @Boz23

I explored the site 12 stunning photos of New Zealand  and decided it was time to explore the beauty right here in my own back yard. My family have often talked about this spot but I have never been.

So today was the day!  WOW I can not believe the MAGIC that is here, right over the hill from where I live.  It is a steep walk down and of course a steep walk back out but it is worth ever step...

I can hardly believe the beauty of this place and how exposed to the elements it is.  While we were at the very top it was almost too windy to stay upright, yet down on the beach it was quite sheltered!

We sat on a rock and were enjoying the view when a group of youngsters set up a cricket pitch along the narrow stretch of beach. We moved out of the way of the ball and to my surprise, as one of them hit the ball for at least a four, I popped my right hand up and took a clean catch.  Imagine my surprise when they offered me the bat.  What fun....

Well the place is truly MAGIC.  It is like a little piece of paradise tucked away out of sight...

I can't wait to go back...

Tonight I shared photos with @boz23 who asked if it was near the Great Ocean Road, which was exactly what I felt when I was there today!  

Check out my post from the Great Ocean Road tour earlier last year to see the similarities!

Thanks so much Margaret for allowing me to experience the MAGIC of my own area....


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  2. Love this Mum! Lets go back to Great Ocean Road one day, the BEST times on that melbourne trip :)