Sunday, March 8, 2015

The whanau that plays together stays together... Day 3 #28daysofwriting

Do you remember Top Town?

Well, after a full on day at retreat where we looked at:

  • Where we are now;
  • Finding our why;
  • Best workplace
We headed out onto the field for Top Team.

What fun!

In our 12 famili teams, we participated against each other in an awesome range of fun activities.  Regardless of age, gender, shape, size, ability, we worked as teams, some shining in areas of organisation, others in cheer leading, and others still in full on fast and furious physical activity!

We laughed, sweated, cheered, collapsed, challenged, competed; each giving it their all in their own unique way.  

The bonding within teams was evident as we worked to support each other, complete tasks together and have fun along the way.  

Absolutely loved the time with me team!!! 

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