Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Learning, growing, sharing, connecting and paying it forward...

The beginning….
I really want to share a little of the story of a new beginning…
When I accepted this chance as facilitator I believed it to be a dream come true and I eagerly anticipated a steep learning curb and a challenging adventure.
I hoped for support and guidance along the way but I could never have imagined how amazing it would feel to join this team…
I want to share a little of what I have learnt that I will take with me wherever I go in the hope that sharing it will embed it in my practice and in the hope that someone, somewhere will pick up something useful…
·      I do not feel as if I have been employed or offered a job, I feel as if I have been adopted into a family.  Taking this into a class setting, what can we do to make sure all our learners feel this way?
·      I have been immersed in new learning, discoveries and challenges with the caring, gentle support of team members and leaders.  How can we use the expertise within our school communities to ensure that we support new members?
·      I have been given the chance to tell my story, to share my passions, hopes and dreams, to celebrate who I am and what I have to offer.  How do we make sure every learner tells their story and shares their passions?
·      I have been privileged to hear the stories of others, to share their journey and get to know them as a person as well as an educator.  How do we really reach our learners, before we teach our learners?  How do we encourage them to share and listen and dig deeper to get to know others?
·      I have been supported by buddies who mentor me, model practice for me, walk my journey and support me, but also let me be me.  How do we walk with our learners but really let them be who they are to be the best they can be?
·      I have felt an overwhelming ‘tender loving care’ for me as a person in my new role.  How do we create a ‘tender loving caring’ environment for ALL our learners?
·      I am privileged to be operating in an extremely high trust environment.  How do we ensure our learners are challenged with high expectations and high trust to be the ‘best they can be’?
·      I feel as if I am plugged into a direct source of professional learning and development. I am loving the learning journey.  How do we ensure our learners ‘learn to love to learn’ to quote the famous Kevin Honeycutt?
·      I am hearing, feeling and learning the story of our priority learners.  How do we sensitively reach our priority learners and strive to provide on-ramps to learning success for them?
·      I am aware of the extreme privilege of my journey.  I am in awe of the opportunities around me, and before me.  I am living the dream…  How do we create a classroom environment where all our learners live the dream?
As I journey into this role I am in awe of the opportunity I have to facilitate, learn, share, grow, connect, network, be…
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who are supporting, encouraging, challenging, nurturing me in my new role...  I will pay it forward!

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