Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Park with excellence until you are excellent"

After a MAGIC day with Kevin I got thinking about how I can shape up my learning journey for the year.  I got thinking about "parking with excellent until I am excellent".  I got thinking about exactly how this happens within my new organization.  All strengths are shared and all benefit from the wisdom and learning journey of others. 
I got thinking about my inquiry for the year.  After spending time hearing about the e-fellows amazing session with Mark Osborne I want to know so much more about teaching as inquiry.  I want to spend time reading, reflecting, questioning and really understanding an area of ‘crisis’ in my journey for me to focus on.  I want to grow into my role helping others come to their understanding of their individual teaching inquiry.
Pauline and I spent Friday night sharing our previous two days and building our learning buzz.  Late into the night we discussed the ten trends and focused on the matrix.  

Really focusing on specific trends, we looked to offer some challenges to ourselves. 
As a conversation on twitter developed I was curious as to my exact start date with Twitter and found I was able to download a full archive of my 9000+ tweets… fascinating reading indeed.  How clearly I remember the day, 16 February 2010, sitting beside Claire at our e-teach session, my fascination growing as she tweeted and interacted with others outside our group, our room, our country.  I was fascinated and was extremely privileged to have Claire sit with me and mentor me into Twitter.  From that moment forward there was no turning back.  It was like coming home to the ‘missing link’, the ability to connect synchronously and asynchronously with those beyond my face to face world. 
I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Claire for the incredibly start.
I have never looked back.  I continue to connect, collaborate, network and share with my PLN enabling me the richest possible learning journey.

Flying home again… Why is it that I blog in the air… Maybe it is because I have the quiet, peaceful time between land and land to gather my thoughts.  Whatever the reason, I do take some amazing sky shots.  Tonight the light is stunning.  It makes me think about all the degrees of light on our learning journey.  There is the scorching bright light (sun) when we are intensely involved in learning; the bright rays shining as our learning reaches out; the light areas as our learning illuminates new pathways, the blue sky as the potential for our learning to transcend; the clouds as the challenges and pitfalls to our new learning; the shadows as the opportunities to think about our immediate impact with new learning; the dark areas as untouched but ever present opportunities, and all of the shades between light and dark as degrees of engagement with new learning.  My immediate challenge is to ensure I multitask less and focus more.  I must take the learning from Kevin Honeycutt and turn off the channels I am not using and sharpen up the focus on the channels I have open.  

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