Friday, March 22, 2013


So here I am up in the air again...

This time I am flying to Christchurch for a drive to Hanmer for our staff retreat.  I must share my first muck up!  I did not bring a printed out photo of myself doing something I love.  I think that was perhaps the only mandatory requirement and I overlooked it!  I could beat myself up about it, or I can laugh at myself and problem solve that with my new family…. (Truth be known, I’ve been beating myself up about it, now I am ready to let it go and problem solve or be creative about it.)  I have plenty of digital photos with me…. We will find a way…

So, what are my goals for this retreat?
I want to:
·      Meet as many of my colleagues as possible and establish a rapport
·      Discuss, reflect, listen, identify – the CORE ethos
·      Learn the CORE song
·      Share my mihi
·      Socialise
·      Explore Hanmer with colleagues
·      Soak in the hot pools
·      Run
·      Celebrate
·      BE…..
Are these goals manageable?  Yes, I think they are very manageable… I am ready to engage and be a part of this new family of mine!

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