Sunday, June 23, 2013


I would love to reflect on the MAGIC of #educampchch.
As the third #educampchch loomed on the 22 June 2013 I began to question whether I should be so involved.  I am extremely passionate about the educamp phenomena and totally believe in the power of transformation as educators connect, network and share.  I thrive on the build up and get very excited about the potential of the day.  I do now realise that it is time for me to step back. As with anything the role of a leader is to grow leaders and I know that there are incredible educators just waiting to step up.  Pauline and I first met at the inaugural #educampdunners and from that date til now we have thrived on the MAGIC of educamps.  Pauline had ably led the Christchurch educamps and has a connected with a group of educators who are ready, willing and well able to share the lead. If you are not leading change, you are not leading.  As the third educamp rolls around the leaders are already grown. 
In my daily work life my role is to ensure sustainability, to build and distribute (e)capacity.  I think it is time for this in my role with educamps.
There is nothing in the world that will stop me from attending educamps and I am already eagerly anticipating educamptimaru on the 31st of August.  My role now is as a participant, a facilitator, a learner, and a networker.
So, onto the MAGIC of #educampchch!
Undoubtedly as always, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata.....  
The right people were there at the right time, for the right reason.
Gathered together in Burnside High School on a freezing winter today was a bubbly warm experience. From the moment people arrived there was a relaxed, caring, networking buzz as old friends reconnected, online friends met face to face and newbies met for the first time.

The tried and true format of coffee and chat followed by a video clip, then straight into the three word intro worked its MAGIC again! Yes, some of us are uncomfortable introducing ourselves but it breaks the ice, relaxes us and sets up numerous possible opportunities for chat as the day proceeds.
The SMACKDOWN is a wonderful opportunity to share and connect and realise the potential in the room for discussion.
As people record their sharing and learning needs on posts its, discussion groups naturally evolve.
Three sessions broken by coffee stops, a SMACKDOWN revisit, sharing on the google doc, roaming, snacking at sessions, physically and metaphorically, supporting, networking, learning, transforming....

Agh, what an incredible day.... What a privilege... What MAGIC
A HUGE thank you must go to the wonderful Fiona Grant who introduced the #educamp concept to NZ and tirelessly supports and promotes all events either virtually or face to face!  We are incredibly lucky to benefit from your vision!
Please check out the following and continue to grow the learning... and share....
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  1. I am sorry I missed this opportunity but am keen to get involved in future events. I have been reading about teachmeets in the UK. Is an educamp a similar thing and what is the frequency?

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for leaving a comment! Educamps are an amazing opportunity to meet and connect. This page will help you follow where they are around NZ.
    If you are in Christchurch there are two more events this week that you might like to get involved with.
    eduignite Christchurch 26 June 2013
    #chchtweechers Christchurch 28 June 2013
    If you want more info or to chat you could contact Pauline
    Anne K

  3. Hi Anne your enrhusiasm for educamp is infectious. Your post makes the process and ingredients transparent and thus easily re usable for people who have experienced one as participant (or not) to get in and give a go at getting the educamp ball rolling. i am glad you talk about sustainability as well. The art I suppose lays with setting an environment where others feel they too can be proactive. Ive certainly benefited from recognising the benefits of such an environment. Thanks.

  4. Oh Pascale, you are delightful! Thank you for the gorgeous comment. Sustainability is so crucial isn't it. I just love the way the network in and around Canterbury is growing.... MLE expo two weeks ago, educampchch on Saturday, eduignite on Wednesday and tweetmeet on Friday....
    Every journey is so much easier when it is shared....
    Counting down still.... 12 days...
    Anne k

  5. he takata, he takata, he takata! I hear you on this post, Anne! Hard to move to a different role when it is about something that you are so passionate but it is all about sustainability and growth! You have certainly laid out a sustainable and proactive environment for educamps in NZ!!!