Friday, June 14, 2013

Heading to Emmerging Leaders Summit....

Airborne again and little has been added to my blog lately…
I really do need to take time today to acknowledge the MAGIC in my life…
·      I have the most amazing, incredibly patient and loving family who I love to come home to;
·      I have the opportunity to visit my daughter often thanks to my travel with my work;
·      My team members are so supportive and I love working with them;
·      My company acknowledge, value and grow our strengths;
·      My opportunities to travel allow me to meet, connect, network, collaborate;
·      My work as a facilitator is a dream!
·      Air New Zealand get me all around NZ even out of fog….
·      I have the opportunity for extensive professional development,
·      I get to reconnect with friends and celebrate in and around New Zealand.

Recently I have been extremely busy and I have struggled to find time to commit to the 100dayproject on time.  I am well aware of the need for balance and I really do need to take time to slow down…

I believe it is a very good fault to love your work so much that it is hard to disconnect.  However, I do need to get back balance.  Alongside this being an incredibly busy time for gathering our reporting our data I have had a MAGICal week in Christchurch, with Kevin Honeycutt, Stephen Heppell, Julia Aitken and inspirational educators in and around New Zealand.  I also had the privilege of sharing a nano snapshot of my love for student designed learning spaces thanks to Sonya on #teachmeetnz.

Today I am bound for Auckland for the Emerging LeadersSummit at Albany Senior High School.  I am incredibly enthusiastic about this opportunity.  This year has seen me in and out of schools constantly and I have been immersed in and worked with an abundance of management teams and Principals.  I am in awe of the opportunity to experience the diversity of leadership styles and I am continually growing and developing my own leadership style in my role.  I am really delighting in the journey and benefitting from the opportunity to listen, learn, challenge, provoke, connect, facilitate, empower, enable and celebrate.

I am excited for the challenge of the next two days and am determined to grow my leadership style.  I am committed to a leadership style which grows leaders.  I am continually aiming to distribute capability and capacity and grow leaders and learners.

Alongside the professional development is the MAGIC of reconnecting with educators who inspire, challenge, and motivate me.

Bring on a MAGICal journey!!!

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