Monday, October 28, 2013

Literacy online

Reflecting on a team day…

Recently we gathered together in Auckland.  This is a new team for me in my role as moderator in literacy online.  
After a 5am start, we finally made it to Auckland by 11am, due to the turbulent weather and a few delays.
Aligning with my mantra that the world is full of beautiful people I am waiting to meet I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting and spending time with an amazing team.  The power of sharing our own stories to start the day links us and connects us and makes the deeper thinking, reflecting, collaborating possible.  As a team we are smattered from Whangarei in the North to Mosgiel in the south so most of our contact will be online.  To meet face to face and really begin to weave our stories and journeys together is crucial to the development of our online journey.  Having the personal connection enables and enriches our online facilitation. 

We are a team working across English online, Literacy Online, Esol online and ICTs in English.  Our role is to facilitate the online community behind the listserv.  We are about resource and discourse.  We source and promote quality resources to support literacy programmes and encourage discussion around the use of these resources. Not only are we surfacing new resources we are also focusing on innovative practice, ideas and integration of technology to enrich our literacy programmes and practice.  What is working in one class for one group of learners may be transferrable.   Community members sharing their practice not only supports others, but allows for networking and collaboration to meet the needs of all our learners.  

I am very excited about the potential we have now to share across our areas as the MAGIC of face to face is grown in the online world.
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