Monday, October 28, 2013

MUST DO list

As this year draws to a close what is on my MUST DO list before 2013 draws to a close?
·      Increase my blogging and reflecting;
·      Commit to a research project for 2014; (small and manageable);
·      Post submissions for L@S presentations;
·      Increase my posting on literacy – not just e-literacy;
·      Encourage the creation of, discussion of and networking through a shared doc of Ulearn presentations and workshops;
·      Really prepare for the Christmas season – decorate house early in November!
·      Regularly work with Mum to record more of her life story;
·      Spend less time online each night;
·      Spend more with family each night;
·      Structure my learning time so I have focused online PD time;
·      Review learning on K12 online conference;
·      Finish blogging our amazing overseas adventure;
·      Print off photos from our adventure and scrapbook and album them;
·      Learn more reo;
·      Commit to a reo learning journey for 2014;
·      Begin to shape my workshops to encompass reo learning;
·      Update my CV;
·      Work tirelessly with my schools to exit – sustainable e-capacity;
·      Increase my fitness in preparation for running another 10km;
·      Swim regularly;
·      Facilitate happiness!!!


  1. wow! You will do all of the above and love that you will! :)

  2. Wow that list made me tired just reading it!