Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My first Ulearn as a CORE employee…

For a long time I thought and said…. “when I grow up I want to wear a yellow lanyard”.  Well, I haven’t particularly grown up or changed but next week will be my first wearing of a yellow lanyard as I work at #ULearn13.  I have just read over the job sheet with my commitments for the week. I have just checked my commitments on the social media team. I have just tweaked my presentations yet again.  I have my costume sorted for “all that glitters”, minimalistic to the extreme.  I am about to pack and head to Hamilton very early on Monday morning.  What am I looking forward to most.  Undoubtedly, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata.  Ulearn is the ‘social’ learning conference of the year for me.  It is a time to catch up with people from all around NZ, those I know and those I am yet to meet.  It is a time to really discuss the current successes and challenges and network with others on similar journeys.  It is a time to give, of yourself, your time, your ideas, your passions.  It is a time to take, ideas, names, resource links, wonderings, opportunities, and take note of where we are at and where we are heading.  It is a time to really make the most of every moment… to talk and hug and share and laugh.  It is a time to be in the week that is #ULearn13.

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