Monday, October 7, 2013

Preparing for Ulearn…

Last week I surveyed my Ulearn workshop participants, with a short survey to help me best meet their needs.  Within a very short period of time I was completely overwhelmed with 66 responses.   This information is invaluable as I tweak my presentations.  I have quite specific details of age levels, degree of blended support used for literacy, main writing tools used and a wealth of information that learners hope to gain from my session.  Although it is not really possible to specifically cater for the needs of all I am very able to cater to the range of needs and include links to support those with more specific or individual needs and requests.  The benefits of this surveying are HUGE for me.  I feel as if I have connected with my learners and when we meet face to face to start in a better place.  I am able to include details of our mix at the start of the presentation and encourage those with similar needs to connect and collaborate.  I am incredibly more focused on the needs of my participants.  It is proven that repeated connections and discussions can have a greater chance of impacting on practice.  As the participants own this presentation, one they will collaborate on, on the day, they are possibly more likely to return and revisit the ideas shared.  In our incredibly busy world, teachers return to the class on Monday after an incredibly full-on Ulearn experience.  Anything we can do to enable immediate impact on outcomes for our learners must be explored.  Any opportunity for those with similar needs to connect and collaborate must be facilitated.  

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