Saturday, February 28, 2015

Coaching Digital Learning - Cultivating a Culture of Change

Woohoo - my first MOOC - Coaching Digital Learning - Cultivating a Culture of Change MOOC-Ed, to enhance your digital learning content knowledge and further develop coaching strategies.

What a shock I got tonight to realise that I had enrolled for this course and it started 5 days ago - so I'm on a bit of a catch up!

I am enjoying reading about seven Partnership principles of: equality, choice, voice, reflection, dialogue, praxis and reciprocity.

The actions of good coaches are described as:
  • enrolling teachers in coaching as a part of their professional development;
  • identify teaching goals;
  • listen;
  • ask questions;
  • explain teaching beliefs;
  • provide feedback;
  • partner for success;
October 2011 | Volume 69 | Number 2 Coaching: The New Leadership Skill Pages 18-22 What Good Coaches Do - Jim Knight

"As Senge has written, effective coaching is not about the answers; it's about the questions" (Senge et al., 1999).

"Mentees are often looking for answers, and coaches are primed to oblige. But offering answers to every question can lead to a dysfunctional dance that short-circuits higher-level thinking."

Both of these quotes support my inquiry question fully. I really am charged with listening, and questioning to support others to find the answers, move beyond the obvious! 

Questions to Ask:
  • Ask questions about essential issues and behavior.
  • Ask precise and incisive questions.
  • Ask questions that generate specific and relevant information.
  • Ask questions that connect the past, present, and future.
  • Ask questions that explore values.
  • Occasionally, ask for permission.
  • Avoid asking why.
It's About the Questions Ronald R. Bearwald

I am thoroughly enjoying the start I have made and look forward to more great learning tomorrow!

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