Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Completing my eduignite…

A week on the road with the thought of eduignite on Friday gives me shivers down my spine.  Late nights don’t really inspire me to hop back into complete it so I continually mull it over in my mind.  I am completely owning the story I am telling.  A challenge, an invitation to listeners to change their language to change their mindset. 

So, how close did I cut it?  Right down to the wire… I completed my slides on Canva, a relatively new area for me, downloaded them and added them to a Google Slide.  About one hour out from the event I got a message asking for how to auto advance slides for the eduignite.  I saw Phillipa had already done this and linked hers, so off I set to my guru – Google.  Hey Presto – easy as – publish to the web and set slides to auto advance on 15 seconds. So, eduignite loaded to the site with time for a shower and change… NEVER cutting it that fine again. 

And here it is...

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