Friday, August 7, 2015

Te Reo Manahua Māori face to face MAGIC

So, today, I have the privilege of spending the day with Gemma and Anaru for Te Reo Manahua Māori. I am so excited to be able to embrace this opportunity and continue the momentum. I am anticipating challenge, discomfort and I am very excited. 

My expectations are HUGE, of the course, of our kaiako, of our Te Reo Manahua colleagues but most especially, myself. I expect to be busy, busy, busy! I expect to be uncomfortable with my journey. I expect to embrace my mistakes. I expect to maintain a growth mindset! I expect to spent time in the pit of learning, but I anticipate a whole lot of support to assist me as I clamber out....

I am delighted to see that there are two challenges during the course. Great opportunities for us to really embrace our learning, accept challenges, and grow in my reo....

I am very grateful for the opportunity to maintain the momentum. I know myself well enough to know that I learn best by continuing, by facing and embracing challenges. Woohoo… maintaining the momentum….

WOW – what a day… so much new learning… this certainly is a step up and out of my comfort zone, but so well supported by Anaru and Gemma and fellow kaiako on the journey. 

My highlights of the day:

· Being at the face to face;
· Meeting my colleagues for the journey;
· Hearing the reo;
· Patai answered and discussed;
· Using the podcast app to download the podcasts so I can listen to them anywhere;
· Seeing the new options in moodle for a more interactive, pick a path experience;
· The fun of the day – thank you Gemma and Anaru;

Now the real learning begins.

Module one is whanaungatanga… relationships…

I can’t wait to dive in and get fully amongst the new learning, the new opportunities. 

The new tense markers:

Thanks to Anaru for sharing them in this wonderful graphic…. And with the actions to try and solidify my learning.

The new sentence structures today open up a world of possibilities.

I am especially looking forward to learning new whakatauki to bring into my learning journey and sharing these at sessions we run. 

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

My success is not that of the individual, but that of many

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