Thursday, March 26, 2020

Day 1 - Covid19 Isolation - 26 March 2020

Well here we are, one day in.
Not all bad at all. 
The reminder came through loud and clear last night for us all to hunker down in our bubble. I like the term bubble. So here I am in my bubble with Grant. 
I have a weird kind of excitement as I haven't had four days home since 2012...

I started the morning as the sun rose with a 5km run. I was delighted to take another 3 minutes off my fastest time post ankle injury. 
Pretty jolly happy about the whole new etiquette that has developed out there too. Friendly smiles, waves, and brief chats, and we weave our way around with great social distancing shown. Lots of bears in windows too, which is so cool for anyone out walking or 'going on a bear hunt'.

New learning with our first ever online shop. I absolutely love the grocery shopping. I love walking up and down the aisles, talking to anyone and everyone, so this really is a new experience. A little bit of a giggle to finish the list to realise there are no available delivery slots on the horizon... 

Lunch in the sun with my bubble buddy. I have to say it is great to have him home. It is weird that I am continuing to work online and he isn't as such, so it's great to take time to chill together in the breaks.  

It was a stunning day, so I spend a good part of it working outside in the sunshine. We had a great catch up across our teams at midday followed by a very special screening of a movie to celebrate and remember our dear colleague Anthony, who passed yesterday. 

I finished the day with my first F45 online. Oh my goodness, Gravity was tough. I really thought I was going to be sick. How hard it is to train alone... 'team training, life changing'... but for now we can carry on doing the best we can online.

So, day one, kicked into touch. So much to be grateful for...

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