Saturday, March 28, 2020

Day 3 - first Saturday in our bubble

WOW what a day. I can hardly believe how much has happened in one day. Inspired by a post by my dear cousin from St Kilda, Melbourne, I dreamt of joining in a stair challenge. 

Up early and off I set to the stairs between McFadden Drive and Joe Brown Drive, just down the road. My first attempt was three laps... up the 87 steps, round the block, up again and again. I set myself the goal of three laps, so was delighted to achieve that on my first attempt. It bought back so many memories of our biggest winner challenge with Trevor back in 2009. I so remember when he would get us to do shuttle runs up and down, up and down. 
So, now, I've set myself a goal of achieving 10 laps by the end of lockdown. 

As the saying goes, the greatest views come after the toughest climb. I went up the top and stood for a few minutes looking down over the main highway into Dunedin, and not a vehicle in sight. We sure are staying home. 

Home for a truly stunning brunch... and probably needing another stair run after this lot. So grateful I remembered I had the croissants from Gabi's fundraiser. 

Bacon, banana, coconut yoghurt, blackberries and maple syrup.... YUMMO!

Another highlight... today marks the end of C25, the latest eight week challenge. After 8 weeks without coffee, this sure was an incredible treat!

A couple of hours working this afternoon on a blogpost was fun. Rach and I worked through a new approach. We made great progress and have a further catch up tomorrow afternoon. 

Finding a courier parcel in the mailbox was a wonderful treat. The tulip bulbs I ordered from the viewing day arrived. The sun was out, so what a wonderful chance for a bit of a clean up and a plant up. 

Rocking the covid19 look, I only wore this mask for a short time while I was handling the potting mix. I really don't know how people where them for long periods of time. It is so hot and uncomfortable. 

We were just cleaning up for the day when we heard our lovely neighbours chatting and an impromptu wine in the sun unfolded. After 8 weeks without alcohol, this was such an incredible treat indeed. It really is so awesome to see how this virus is positively impacting. We had an awesome catch up, all staying in our bubbles, across the drives. Looking forward to many more of these great fun, catchups. 

Another awesome discovery in the clean up was a bunch of soft toys, all thoroughly washed and hung out to dry for L's next visit. 

As the sun sets on day three, we do indeed have so very much to be grateful for. 

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