Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 2 - home in our bubbles

Agh yuss, I awoke early, had my drink of lemon in water and off I went. I must be physically tired... Today felt so much harder, I felt I was going so much faster. And indeed a 23 second improvement. I think tomorrow might be rest day. 
Home for a stretch, shower and breakfast and into a day of literally back to back online meetings. I am slightly concerned that we have had two days of full on intense online meetings. I kind of wish we took time to reset. So I am super excited that I have logged off for today, signed off for work for a while. 

Highlights in day included a fabulous session with colleagues working through a process, a deep process for ensuring our work meets needs. Thank you R, C and C.
Another highlight included a great reading and a new framework to explore. Thanks K.
Yet another highlight was working with M on our little bit of humour and fun for next Wednesday. 

Now, what about the rest of my bubble. Well... I am truly amazed at how much can happen in a day. Awesome work G.

Jasmine trimmed

basement tidied

Games and toys of yesteryear discovered...

And tonight... a walk around the garden and great new learning. Our Akebia Quinata - Chocolate vine is literally covering in pods this year. I opened one and it looked very like a passionfruit. 

Googling it and wow - so much new learning. 

Now... I must sign on and head to movie night with Netflix. 

Stay safe and well, and stay at home. 

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