Sunday, March 29, 2020

Day 4 - staying at home

I really do think there is a slight concern that I am a little too excited to be staying at home. It is Sunday night of the first week of 'staying at home' and I don't have a suitcase out, a car, hotel or flight booked.... squeeeeee... I am staying home. I can just hear you all laughing, I wonder how long this will last. I too wonder how long this will last, but for now I am enjoying every moment of it. Today started with a bit of a sleep in, then out to the garden we went. For the longest time we have been meaning to tidy the bank. 

What a clearing we have made. It is so nice to begin to see the stone walls again. It's hard to believe that when we shifted in this bank was almost bare. The plants really had got away, so it was pruning and trimming til the chainsaw came out, then things got very real. 

I have almost no flowers out at the moment so it was awesome to pick a couple of branches and succulents to have some flowers with Mum's photo at the entrance. 

After a night soaking, I gave this old bottle of Dad's a scrub up and googled how to get a cork out of a bottle. Good old YouTube solved my problem. 

I inserted the plastic bag into the bottle, tipped it up and blew air into the bag. Carefully twisting to trap the cork in the folds of the bag then a great deal of effort to extract... and pop, out it came!  I wonder how many new things I can learn over this home time!  Love this new vase to add to my collection. 

I had a couple of hours working online again, then back out to see the tremendous clearing Grant had made. WOW - it is looking soooo good. 

A walk around the section after the clean up made us realise we have enough work here to last us a very long time indeed...

I love the colour of these cyclamen, a sure sign of autumn approaching, and I am also loving the brilliant autumn tones of cornus florida rainbow, thanks for the recommendation Leigh. 

The only slight blimp today... my phone reminding me that we should be checking into our hotel in Honululu... oh well... we can look forward to that all over again when the world is a safer place to be. 

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