Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Children's Authors Around New Zealand - Victoria Azaro


Victoria M. Azaro was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she developed a passion for the Fashion and the Fine Arts world.
Victoria holds a Masters of Fine Arts and a Major in Fashion Design. She has studied and worked in many places around the world; but it wasn’t until her first son was born that she started writing and illustrating for children. She published her first book “Saffron” in 2009, followed by “Saffron, I have everything under control” in 2010; and “Saffron, so quite excellent” in 2012. Also, Saffron featured as Upstart’s youngest columnist throughout 2012, bringing Upstart readers monthly stories from around the world, both in print and digital form. (Upstart NZ Children’s Magazine)
“Saffron” was awarded the prestigious “White Ravens 2010” as well as being on the “Storylines Notable Junior Fiction” list for 2010. The “Saffron” series is still growing with the release of “Super Saffron” in April 2014 and “Sage, I am the middle sister” in September 2014.
Victoria now lives in Auckland, with her husband and their three children and she spends every free minute of the day writing and illustrating.

saffron1.jpegsaffron2.jpegsaffron3.jpegsagecoverfront_1.jpegSuper Saffron cover2.jpeg

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