Thursday, September 11, 2014

Machines for Learning - CORE Breakfast and workshop with Mark Osborne

How are we making sure our schools are machines for learning?
Learning must be informal, formal, inside, outside, learning all around us... 
Building are important but they cannot effect the dramatic change we need.  We need to ensure the buildings do not impede us in our journey!
What the learning looks like - determines what the environment looks like. 
The changing landscape is threatening the future of so much of what we have grown up with - newspaper, landline, movies, DVDs. 
Changing job scene... As we look at the changing landscape, we see dramatic change in the areas of Sales, Service and Office and Administrative Support.
In education we are dealing with individuals, learners, creativity making it incredibly difficult for our roles to be computerised.
Massive social challenges as the employment landscape changes. 
We need to be able to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn, and we need to be supporting our learners to success in this area also.  
The front half of the curriculum is where we really need to sharpen our focus. 

Stepping through the process of mission, educative purpose, best outcomes for learners, quality teaching and learning.  Determining these before we determine what our environment will look like. 

"It is not hard to make decisions... once you know what your values are." Roy E Disney

Designing learning spaces - 

  • have you got peer tutoring spaces?  
  • 'one to many' space 
  • social space
  • resources
  • outdoor learning
  • collaboration space
  • reflection space
  • independent practice space
  • technology
  • experimentation

Revising space... 
Thinking about the use of the space - what does the space look like for different activities, time of day, groupings...

With choice comes engagement and intrinsic motivation!

Be creative with what you have.  Open up the spaces. 

Workshop session:
Fabulous to hear everyone's journey!

Fabulous to share a little of our learning space journey, and  our bottle bivy journey!

Whole staff conversations about learning and teaching.  What is the research that supports our thinking?  Where is the student voice? 


Spectrum of Public Participation

Moving from one end where the school makes and implements all the decisions... to where the community makes and implements all the decisions.

Increasing level of Public Impact - Moving through the spectrum of inform, consult, involve, collaborate, empower...

Let everyone 'write the story with you'.

Write on post it notes all of the decisions, worries, assessment and reporting.  Add these to the Spectrum of Public Participation - have the conversation as you work towards a shared understanding. Create a system that is flexible enough to meet the needs of those involved.  

Start involving your parents, start talking about the skills and attributes learners need in today's world.   

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