Monday, September 29, 2014

#nzlac14 New Zealand Literacy Association Conference - Surfing the Literacy Wave

The true MAGIC of Twitter…
Today I have been on holiday with my girl in Wellington for a girly time at WOW and shopping.   While we were brunching at Floriditas I received a tweet from Matt:

I checked the #INF536 trying to source my involvement and it seems to be Masters Papers. And it seems to be something co-ordinated by Ewan McIntosh.

Later in the day I was on Facebook and Shared a link from Ewan McIntosh about 4 level questioning..

So, can you imagine my surprise when I walk into koru for a brief stopover in Auckland before my flight to Tauranga when I see Ewan Mcintosh… Feels kind of surreal to see someone you have been seeing online during the day, face to face when I didn’t even know he was in the country.  Turns out he is flying to Tauranga for the #nzlac14 New Zealand Literacy Association conference to keynote and present. 

We chatted over the link to my vimeo clip in Paper 6, Primordial Spaces of his course.  Very surreal day eh!

As we chatted, we discovered that it really isn’t so surreal.  If you are connected and networked, the chances of bumping into those you know are increased significantly.

So, on the eve of Connected Educator Month I will spend the day at Bethlehem College participating in #nzlac14 

Let's see how many educators we can connect with and sweep into the MAGIC of #cenz14 Connected Educator Month!

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