Monday, November 3, 2014

TEDx Christchurch - the day after

Flying home on the morning after this MAGICAL event, I am taking a moment to try and reflect and capture some of the truly special moments for me:

·      Attending with my daughter, of whom I am immensely proud of;
·      Having my mind, heart and soul fed;
·      Being challenged in oh so many ways;

o   BabyX – the raw reality of what we saw is beyond anything I could or can comprehend.  The potential for and from this is just staggering;
o   The reality of the extremity of war and violence, suffering and oppression and the risks that good people take;
o   The sheer majesty and beauty of our world, especially our night sky and the challenge to take time to notice, enjoy and celebrate it;
o   The call to action – the challenge to get involved!  For every so long I have been aware of the need to give, I have just not been sure of the area to become involved in.  Thomas Petschner’s Clown doctor talk made me acutely aware of the need for educators to increase the way in which they are there and injecting fun into learning.  I plan to work with a small team initially to look at how we can ideate and come up with possibilities; (Thank you Thomas for this call)
o   The very real challenge to take more action with my own health and well being.  Thank  you Julie for the insight into the importance in micro nutrients in well being. 

·      Connecting with so many amazing people;
·      Getting outside the education bubble, connecting, learning and networking with scientists, doctors, photographers, artists;
·      Celebrating the MAGIC of being present for TEDx Christchurch and anticipating the rewindable learning when the talks are online;
·      Knowing that the world is a better place by every action we do to act, share, support and be there for others.

Thank you to the entire TEDx Christchurch team.  You are all absolutely amazing!

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Roll on the next TEDx event...  Wanaka?  Queenstown?

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