Sunday, November 9, 2014

TEDx Christchurch - Mark Gee

WOW - so great to meet Mark at TEDx Christchurch!  Amazing to see your doco now Mark!  What an exciting journey!

Published on 6 Nov 2014
Mark Gee grew up in New South Wales, Australia where beach lifestyle was the norm. He developed a passion for the sea, to an extent that time out from surfing was spent down at the shore taking photos. In his adult years, Mark migrated to Wellington, New Zealand. With less surf in Wellington, Mark shifted his focus to the night sky. This profile is an interesting story about an amateur photographer who shot to internet fame with his online video ‘Full Moon Silhouettes’ which went viral overnight.

This is one of the programmes available to our students at The Learning Connexion School of Art and Creativity. We have an onsite video production department which creates resources for students. Students who are studying onsite at our Taita campus can check these out via our video library. Students studying from a distance receive material like this on video as part of their programme. We create material that covers techniques, ideas about creativity, and profiles about artists.

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