Saturday, November 1, 2014

TEDx Christchurch - Hannah Hudson

Hannah Hudson

A year 10 student at St Andrew’s College, Hannah Hudson has already found her passion: Future Problem Solving, an international educational program in which she has been involved for the past 4 years.​ Hannah has competed at the nationals twice, placing 4th in 2011 and winning the championship in 2013; she went on to represent New Zealand at the International Future Problem Solving conference in Iowa earlier this year.

Global issues and problem solving. Have we fully considered our options?
Passion!!! Teaching students how to problem solve!
Defining the problem!
Articulate a problem - identify existing conditions, timeframe, possible solutions...
Generate multiple solutions...
Look at what has been done before, but look beyond also, take it from a unique angle! Take differing perspectives.
MAGICAL ideas - design thinking magnified...
Often the technology we need to solve problems already exists. Public acceptance can stand in the way! Which solution should we develop further! Under which conditions.
Reaching a stage where a problem solving process seems possible then determining an action.
Having a strategy to solve problems - scaleable up or down to solve any problem - no matter how big or small.
Find the strategy that works for you. Creative thinking is equally as important as logical thinking.
Significant change is possible. Collaborative, strategic, diverse problem solvers!!!! Create us, challenge us, give us the tools to attempt the impossible and watch what happens!!!


  1. I loved FPS! Was the one thing that kept me excited by school.
    So glad it's alive and well still.

  2. Robyn B National DirectorNovember 8, 2014 at 12:01 PM

    Check out the results for this year's Future Problem Solving New Zealand National Finals at or AMZING students!!