Saturday, November 1, 2014

TEDx Christchurch - Tariq Habibyar

Tariq Habibyar

Born into war in Herat, Afghanistan, by the age of 15 Tariq Habibyar was teaching young girls English and literacy courses in secret while living under the extremist Taliban. He became a lecturer at Herat University, going on to work with Doctors without Borders, World Vision International, UN, USAID, War Child UK, and other international agencies. Tariq has received a fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), a Master’s scholarship from the US Department of State (obtaining a Master’s in education from the University of Massachusetts), a Doctoral scholarship from the University of Canterbury, a US Embassy Alumni award (through which he provided capacity building workshops for over a hundred teachers in Heart), and a University of Canterbury Innovators’ Scholarship, with which he created a non-profit Trust to support children’s education in Afghanistan. Tariq is a post-graduate doctorate student at the College of Education of the University of Canterbury.

Educator Philanthropist

Sharing the story of his youth...

Wanting to leave school but parents believing that things will change and schools will become a place of learning.

Parents used poetry to learn English, tolerance, empathy...

Learning English to a level where he is able to teach others English. Taking a very big risk, but knowing how important it was to make a difference, thanks to the learning from his Mum and Dad.

Education is power

Education is key to sustainable peace

Education to allow everything to explore own story

Education to enable children to write and share own stories with the world and human beings...

The starting of the fund putting books in the hands of children - aim for 5 million books by 2020.

Sharing a story by 14 year old girl about her sister.

Had many suitors at 14 years of age, one in his 40s, despite her objections parents decided she should marry him. Despite her protestations, and insistence to finish education, arrangements made and she was married. She had to leave school and village. She was one of the few literate women in the village - they came to love her for her teaching. Her husband became jealous of her following and banned her from teaching, kept her at home, and abused her. Parents found her and took her home. Husband reclaimed her and she faced more abuse and torture. Close to death, she told the authorities the truth, but he was able to bribe his way out of trouble. Authorities refused to help. Knowing she would have to return to this abuse, she set herself on fire and died.

Story breaks hearts but builds commitment to a better education!

We cannot continue to face such tragedies.

Hundreds of people are doing everything they can to get an education.

We must give them an opportunity to find their voice, to tell their stories.

Touched immensely by this story.....

Tariq, thank you for sharing.  How incredibly wonderful to meet you and your beautiful wife today!  Inspirational talk!!!!

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