Saturday, November 1, 2014

TEDx Christchurch - Nick Williamson

Nick Williamson

For the last 20 years, Nick Williamson has forged his career working at the intersection of Planning, Surveying, Law, and Spatial Science. Much of that time has been spent in and around local government, although he spends a lot of time talking to ‘ordinary people’ as well. His specialist area has been acting as interpreter where lay people and technocrats collide. His current interest areas and passion are best described as #opengov #agile #civichacking #GOV2.0 #opendata #startup #crowdsourcing #tacticalurbanism #bigdata #geodesign #placemaking #GIS #storytelling #indigenous #socialmedia #DataVIZ #crowdfunding #augmentedreality #public #entrepreneurship #infographics #placerace #LoveItHere!

Mysteries, Monsters and Untold Secrets...

Public Enemy #1 - The risk monster

The challenge - to protect the public from themselves!

A turning point - Start up weekend!

Trying an experiment - with the population of Kamo - write a town plan for and with the 5000 in 5 days.

Some felt that involving the community in the process was not the way to go.

Change of role from arbitrator to facilitator. From organisational centric to community centric!

Doing things differently... Kamo place race!

Using images and simple language! Crowd sourcing the views of the community.

Two way participatory engagement! Social media used to humanise the process.

It became evident the community lacked a focal place! Two people came up with an idea - a brilliant idea! A street party!

What was dreamt could happen, began to happen.

Questions asked and answered... a community growing stronger! Feeling the pain...

Reverting to the times when community used to gather and connect.

The community gathered together, created an event, shared and celebrated in a space that already existed.

Doing things differently - change your perspective and you can make the world a better place!!!!

Ask your people to help solve the problem... the solution lives with the people!!!!

Freaking MAGICAL Nick!!!!!!!!!

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