Monday, April 4, 2011

Auckland Day 1

Yes I really and truly am in Auckland - it is sooooo hot! I am not used to this heat. Everyone I talk to struggles to believe that we have had the fire on at home for a few weeks now...
Anyway, today Ann took me for a huge walk around Henderson and we decided to walk to the West Waves Aquatics centre to see where I would go to see my daughter swimming in the National Open Champs tonight. Well, would you believe, we were walking round the back way to the pool and who should walk towards us but my daughter just finished the morning sessin - what a surreal coincidence...
Really looking forward to school tomorrow at Holy Cross Henderson. I am going to work with groups in the computer suite for the day and on Tuesday I am going to work with Nick and the students at the Ignite TV studio!!! Very exciting.

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