Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Auckland Day 3

Today I attended Room 5's class Mass. It was an amazing experience. The singing and speaking was sensational - the room was filled with parents and grandparents and it was a very spiritual celebration.
After break I worked with Barb sharing the passion of RElearning We worked together to add resources and links to the site.
This afternoon I spent in the Ignite TV Studio with Awesome Nick and the crew. What an amazing atmosphere!!! I am totally in awe of Nick, his passion for the show, the motivation and ownership shown by the students - just the whole experience. I am utterly overwhlemed by the technicality of it all but I am equally determined that one day in the future I will be part of a school TV studio setup. Check out the shows to date and look out for Eda and Louise making a little backdrop preview in this week's episode online later this week.

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