Saturday, April 2, 2011

Twitter Tour goes to Auckland

Twitify twit-ed ????
Mid flight to Auckland for the next leg of my Twitter journey…. Seated next to Jayde, a psychologist on the first flight, as our conversation progressed I was inspired to take this Twitter Tour a step further and do a little more than blog my journey… As the world gets more and more connected it is way smaller and smaller, we have a great ability to create, collaborate and communicate…
I was reading Interface on the flight and I am determined to ‘weasel’ a visit to Stonefields, one of the newest schools in the country. What a fascinating journey – to start a school’s ICT from scratch – I would love the opportunity to tour and discuss this with the staff.
Louise and Eka are in the seat beside me and Louise was offered a water by the host and Eka got to Kea call on the coffee servery. It is amazing what travelling with toys does for communication.
The closer I get to Auckland the darker it gets and the more stunning the skyline appears. I certainly do have my photo of the day for tomorrow. Sky photos fascinate me more and more…

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