Monday, April 4, 2011

Auckland Day 2

Well, what an awesome start to the day!!! I was up early when Ann got a call to say the teacher who teaches in the computer suite was sick today. What an opportunity - yes, you guessed it!!! I taught for the day in the suite. Everything was set up so I followed the programme for the day!
4 sessions:
9am Room 16 Sustainability 3D Posters
10am Room 13 Sustainability 3D Posters
11.40am Room7 Mathletics
1.50pm Room 2 Mathletics
Asesome suite with 21 computers and great to see that mostly the learners are working in groups or pairs.
I had a fabulous day. I met soooo many enthusiastic learners and had an awesome tour of the school.
I am so impressed with all the Enviroschool art and I love the concept for the Holy Cross garden that the students are working on.

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