Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog mania

12 teachers, 45 minutes slots - here we go....

After a whirlwind of activity, NO technical glitches, a lot of fun, all twelve teachers created blogs, moderated comments, made three posts using text, picture and some media.
Most added a visitor counter, clustrmap or flag counter.
All downloaded photorazor (Thanks Sandy) to create a web friendly copy of all photos for use on the blog.

This was one of the most rewarding experiences to be a part of. I worked with a range of ages, abilities and enthusiasms and all achieved. Viewing the blogs today shows a huge range of posts and skills. It is very humbling to have been a part of such an exciting journey for this school. The Principal and school community are delighted with the beginning of a new journey. The classroom walls really do come down and the learning is shared with a wider audience!

Following are some of the reasons I think this venture was so successful:
• The one teacher with a blog had shared with the teachers and the school community were demanding more;
• The staff were able to see a range of online environments I ran and opted for blogs over wikis;
• The staff were released from classroom in pairs;
• The staff chose a support buddy to work with;
• The initial challenges of setting up, moderating comments, adding gadgets and basics of posting were all modelled and practised on the day with support;
• It was a schoolwide initiative so the blogging buzz was evident;
• The Principal is extremely supportive and is committed to spending time viewing and commenting on the blogs.
I am in awe of the exciting journey ahead for these enthuiastic learners...

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