Saturday, April 2, 2011

R E-learning

April 1 2011. This seems like an auspicious date for a gathering but what a great day it was. About 200 primary school teachers from around Otago and Southland got together for a gathering day. The theme of the day was "Our place in the Church of the Future in Aotearoa New Zealand."
The day started with a Karakia and a welcome by St Mary's Gore.
Each school placed their stone or rock into the display of the learning journey!
The day consisted of a 3 keynotes, 3 workshop breakouts,plenty of time to gather together and chat, great food and a closing liturgy. The atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed and I am sure a great day was had by all.
The opening Keynote concluded with the challenge of participating and collaboration for the future which led perfectly into my workshop.
I presented R E-learning a wiki designed to enable all Catholic teachers to share resources. I had a great time and I was delighted with the interaction of the group and the enthusiasm for a sharing site. I look forward to seeing the site grow as a site of creation, collaboration and communication.
... and of course there was stunning artwork to be admired and complimented at a later date.

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