Friday, August 8, 2014

#edchatnz the MAGIC begins...

Brunch at Catalina on the way to #edchatnz chance to catch up with many tweeps!
Woohoo... here we are in the dark in the auditorium at Hobsonville Point Primary!
So many amazing people here... so much fun to be had!!! 
#edchatnz about empowering teachers to step up, be more awesome, grow others... allow us to share, connect, grow and learn, to improve outcomes for all our learners, everywhere!

What an opportunity!
300 educators here for the good of all learners = MAGIC magnified... 
Follow along with the learning: 

Follow the twitterstream today and tomorrow for the MAGIC of these two days!

Te aroha... being sung by Hobsonville Point staff to welcome us.. very emotional....

What a privilege to be here!

Maurie Abrham takes the stage and welcomes us to Hobsonville Point!

And so the MAGIC begins.... 

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